The virtual reality (VR) training will consist of a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) where the trainee will have to go through the MARCH protocol in order to give lifesaving treatment in the 10 minutes after wounding. The MARCH protocol is a standard procedure based on legal constraints and is evidence based. This protocol is designed to give soldiers without a medical background the knowhow to give said lifesaving treatment, as a First Responder. During this protocol the focus is among other things, on stopping massive bleeding, opening up airways, supporting breathing and aiding the blood circulation. Hence, the acronym MARCH: Massive bleeding, Airway, Respiration, Circulation and Hypothermia.
The training is set on the First Responder level and will allow multiple participants to train at the same time. An instructor will be able to setup the parameters of the training and start the trainings for all participants. Performance will be monitored and recorded and sent to a central location for further analysis by the instructor.

This development is part of the DAP18/04 project.

Funded by the Royal Higher Institute for Defence, with support from OneBonsai and the Medical Component.

2021 – 2023

Rob Haelterman

Timothée Fréville

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