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Synthetic Data

We create realistic synthetic data in Unreal Engine.

Path planning for Turtlebots in unknown environment

This master thesis project was realized by Matthias Monbailleu. With the ever-increasing abundance of small, lightweight robots in the industry, in Defense and in daily life, reliable multi-robot collaboration procedures are becoming a necessity. A desirable use-case for these multi-agent systems is mapping environments: the multi-agent configuration enables a potential increase in speed and accuracy…

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Automatic generation of 3D traffic environments

This master thesis project was realized by Ben De Schampheleire. In recent years, the increasing popularity of deep neural networks has provoked a growing demand for large amounts of annotated data. However, generating qualitative and comprehensive annotations is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. To address this challenge, a potential solution lies in training the neural…

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Multi-agent SLAM

This master thesis project was realized by Pieter Beerten. In recent years, the popularity of autonomous robotic agents, commonly known as drones, has increasedimmensely. This trend is also visible within the National Defense Department, where these agents aregradually taking over the dangerous duties of soldiers. One of the main issues at hand, until this day,…

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VR Interface for Remote Robot Control

By Alex Vanwersch.In recent years, advancements in robotics and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have revolutionizedthe way we interact with machines and explore our surroundings. The field of robotics has witnessedsignificant progress in developing mapping robots capable of navigating complex environments andacquiring valuable spatial data. At the same time, VR has advanced tremendously, creating immersiveexperiences that…

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The Virtual Reality FireFighter Trainer Unit has been developed in close collaboration with the Damage Control Center of the Belgian Navy and OneBonsai. It can be used to train firefighting personnel for specific situations, including the opening of hatches, entering buildings or rooms, and large scale fire fighting. The VR simulation focuses on providing a…

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Unmanned maritime vehicles are becoming important assets for military operations, not only on the battlefield, but also in logistics and in supportive roles. This also means that more and more of these vehicles are being deployed in the field, each with their own characteristics. This variety poses interoperability problems when deploying these assets together for…

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