We are partnering up with the Belgian Navy in the development of an innovation project around the use of smart glasses for Real-Time Remote Maintenance Assistance (RTRMA). The goal is to develop a solution to make communication between onboard technicians and remote experts easier when executing maintenance tasks at sea.

Proposed system:
Two components are proposed: i) the system for the technician, or maintenance operator, featuring Iristick Z1 smart glasses and a dedicated smartphone app, and ii) the system for the expert, with a dedicated web app. Thanks to the central camera of the smart glasses, the technician streams a video of what they see directly in real-time. The expert can then assist, capture images, annotate and send various documentation back to the onboard technician.

Funded by the Royal Higher Institute for Defence, with support from the Belgian Navy.

2019 – 2021

Rob Haelterman
Charles Hamesse


  • C. Hamesse, J. Nelis, R. Haelterman and S. Lo Bue, “Lessons Learned and New Research Opportunities in Immersive Technologies for Defence Applications” Sci-Fi IT 2020.